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Author Goodies


New!  Read all about R.J. Vickers, her writing process, and behind-the-scenes insight into The Natural Order.  If you have another question you want answered in the next installment of Author Q&A, send me an email.  

In which R.J. Vickers uses The Natural Order as a crash course in book marketing...and blogs about the journey!  


The catch?  She's trying to incorporate all of her hobbies in the marketing plan!  


Coming soon!  The Natural Order is all about the value of wild places--and the consequences of losing them (plus a bit of magic!). Here, I'll help inspire you to get back in touch with the backcountry.  


Check later for a host of information to help you plan your next wilderness adventure, including packing lists for backpacking, wilderness survival secrets, the best of wilderness cooking from scratch, and advice on some of New Zealand's most stunning little-known hikes.  

Join R.J. Vickers as she embarks on her 8th National Novel Writing Month this November.  

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