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Novels by Series


The Underground Academy Series

The Last Day of Freedom

The Natural Order

Rogue Magic

Lost Magic

2020-0356 3d Box set R J Vickers b01-04

The Final Order

The Underground Academy: The Complete Series

The Kinship Thrones World

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Forbidden Queen


The Forbidden Queen Series Book 1 

2019-0555 R J Vickers b02.jpg

Innocent Queen


The Forbidden Queen Series Book 2 

2019-0556 R.J. Vickers b03.jpg

Renegade Queen


The Forbidden Queen Series Book 3 

2020-0022 R J Vickers b04.jpg

Usurper Queen


The Forbidden Queen Series Book 4

2020-0023 R.J. Vickers b05.jpg

Magician Queen


The Forbidden Queen Series Book 5 

2020-0024 RJ Vickers b06.jpg
2020-0493 3d Box Set b01-03 R J Vickers on transparent-WEBSITE.png
2020-0025 R.J. Vickers b01.jpg

Warrior Queen


The Forbidden Queen Series Book 6

The Forbidden Queen Series: Books 1 - 3

Prince of Shadows


Empire of Ash Book 1

Coming 2022/2023

Kingdom of Malice


Empire of Ash Book 2

Coming 2023

Lord of Battle


Empire of Ash Book 3

Coming 2024

City of Spears


Empire of Ash Book 4

Coming 2024

King of Ruin


Empire of Ash Book 4

The Fall of Lostport

Standalone Titles

Empire of Ash


Empire of Ash Book 6

Coming 2025

Hunter's Legend

Beauty's Songbook


College Can Wait!

coloring book paperback cover large edit

How to Entertain Yourself After the Apocalypse

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