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Background on the Kinship Thrones

The Kinship Thrones is a collection of nine kingdoms officially under rule of the Whitish high king.


The Kinship Thrones got their name because each was founded by a son of a former king of Itrea. As the story goes, he had nine wonderful sons and could not decide which deserved to inherit his throne, so after a great contest, he decided they were all worthy and broke his expanding empire into nine kingdoms so each could rule one. The eldest son inherited the Whitish high throne. 


In reality, while much of the Kinship Thrones was settled by Whitish explorers, several places--namely Cashabree and Varrival--had long since been the domain of completely different races. Though Whitland pretends to hold power over these kingdoms, they are actually independent and do not obey Whitish law. 

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