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Baylore is the capital of Itrea, a walled city split roughly into five districts. 

Districts of Baylore

The Market District

This part of Baylore is mainly made up of two-story stone buildings packed closely together, with shops at street level and residences on the upper floor. The Market District also includes a theater square, numerous inns and eating establishments, and the Weavers' Guild. 

Market Street is the main thoroughfare in Baylore and runs through the heart of the Market District. Every Sullimsday it is packed with stalls selling fine goods from all over the world. 

The Gilded Quarter

The wealthy part of Baylore, the Gilded Quarter is dominated by manor homes set amid walled or fenced gardens. The residents here are typically nobility or wealthy merchants and craftspeople. 

The Garden District

Anyone who is not wealthy and does not own a shop lives in the Garden District. These are single-story homes typically sharing walls with their neighbors, though they each have a garden in front. Most of the schools in Baylore (except Baylore University) are located in the Garden District. There are also a few shops in the district selling food, especially baked goods and fresh produce. 

The Garden District also includes two large public gardens, one separating the Garden District from the slums. 

The Warehouse District

The Warehouse District includes large storage facilities, the city's stables--horses are not allowed elsewhere in the city--and larger-scale workshops and manufacturing premises. 

The Slums

After the wall was built around Baylore, the settlers discovered the land in the slums was too soggy for building proper stone structures. The area remained undeveloped, and it was gradually taken over by squatters and those too poor to afford the extremely steep prices of housing elsewhere in the city. The slums are not connected to Baylore's plumbing, so they draw their water from wells. Over the years, various monarchs have attempted to improve the slums, including adding a proper drainage system. By the end of the Golden Age, the slums are more of a ramshackle unofficial housing district than a true slum. 

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