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College Can Wait!

Are you dreading the thought of another FOUR YEARS of study? Do you feel lost and confused? 

Is your family pressuring you to choose a major…that might not be right for you? 

This controversial and inspiring book will show you how to break out of the “college-is-everything” mindset—and pursue your own definition of success. 

COLLEGE CAN WAIT! will show you to travel without money…build your resume without working…and get a successful job without a degree. And if you’re planning to head to college eventually, you’ll learn how to settle on the career that’s right for you. 


This book will show you how to:

•Build a killer resume
•Travel with no money 
•Score a successful job
•Gain career experience
•Decide what to study, if anything
•Have fun
•Figure out what’s most important to you

...all without a college degree! 

Once you’ve seen the secret tips in COLLEGE CAN WAIT!, you can be out of the house and traveling the world in just a few months. 

What’s stopping you from finding your own path to happiness and success? 

"If you’re in the position to start thinking about college, this book is for you! I highly recommend it, based on my personal experience! Very well written, this book offers you a reality-check when it comes to choosing college right away and it opens the door for other possibilities that I believe are more valuable at this point you are finding yourself!"

"R.J. Vickers's book, College Can Wait, brilliantly handles the lightning rod topic "putting college on hold" in an enlightened, informative and forthright manner. Throughout the book it becomes abundantly clear how important it is for her to help high school students realize all that's possible so they can make the wisest choice for them. And she doesn't hold back as she shares her own story, along with providing amazing tips about finding/getting cool jobs, traveling on a budget, and finding internships to name a few- all things I wish I knew at 17. All high school guidance counselors/ teachers/ principals should have College Can Wait sitting on their desks!" 

"I love R.J. Vickers’ “tell it like it is” style. It’s perfect for high school students who are trying to figure out their next step in life. Having a son who just finished college a year ago, I know that many of his peers are in a position where they don’t know what they want to do after they graduate. Before investing in college, it’s important for our children to figure out who they are and what they enjoy doing. This book is a must read if you or your child wants to know what options are available and how they can find their true calling in life!"

"I really enjoyed this book. Ms Vickers has a very easy to read writing style and highlights all of the subjects you would think pertinent to delaying or not attending college. As someone who has seen first hand the pressure parents put on their children to not only attend college but succeed in subjects they have no interest in, I think this book is a must for any family whose child is finishing high school. Concise, considered and full of info. I will be recommending this book to my friends and family."

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