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History of Itrea

Itrea was founded by a group of magic races who fled persecution in the Kinship Thrones. 

They first built the city of Larkhaven, located on a sheltered sea port surrounded by fertile growing lands. The Itrean calendar begins the year Larkhaven was founded. 

Before long, the Whitish High King sent armies to Itrea to finish off the magic races. They managed to escape inland through the Wandering Woods. When the Whitish army tried to follow, the trees turned on them, and no Whitish soldiers ever emerged from the forest. This is known as the Lost War. 

Inland, the Itrean settlers began to build the great city of Baylore. This time they started with a wall to keep out the Whitish army, though it was centuries before Baylore was attacked. Baylore became the capital of Itrea, and settlers later returned to Larkhaven to rebuild the port city.

As Itrean settlers continued to expand, found small towns, and cultivate the plains of Baylore Valley, Itrea entered into its Golden Age. This lasted until the reign of Queen Kalleah. 

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