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History of the Kinship Thrones

The continent of the Kinship Thrones was settled sporadically by the Varrilans and a few stray magic races before the Whitish people arrived. 

As the Whitish race began to expand, the magic races from the Old Land fled to the eastern part of the continent, in what is now Northreach and Kohlmarsh.

After expanding and settling the kingdom of Whitland, Whitish explorers began to venture further afield, first settling Chelt and Ruunas before expanding beyond the Andalls. Around this time, they began to encounter the magic races. Many of these magic races integrated with the Whitish people, though they were dark-skinned and attracted suspicion in places due to their different appearance and magic powers. 

By the time the continent was officially divided into the nine Kinship Thrones, most regions had significant towns in place. After this, the Kinship Thrones continued to develop over the next several centuries. There were the occasional wars as different kindoms tried to break away or invade their neighbors, and Whitland was the most war-torn kingdom of all. 


Whitland had never trusted the magic races--the Makhori, as they were called--so the high throne eventually began a campaign of discrimination fueled by religious beliefs. The end goal was to drive the Makhori out of the Kinship Thrones. 

Angered by the discrimination, the magic races rose up against their oppressors under the leadership of a Makhori named Morvain. However, Morvain became brutal as his followers were pushed harder and harder, and he began to lose support. He was eventually defeated by Varos, who was later worshiped as a god. 

After Morvain's fall, the Whitish High King was more determined than ever to wipe out the magic races. He tried to slaughter every Makhori throughout the Kinship Thrones. This is when the magic races fled to found the kingdom of Itrea, an exodus known as the First Fleet. 

At the same time, disasters fueled by magic wracked the Kinship Thrones, destroying many cities and setting the continent back several centuries. One Whitish High King sent an army after the departed Makhori, believing the death of the Makhori would undo the damage that had resulted from unrestrained magic, but after this army vanished, the Kinship Thrones turned their focus on internal matters for many centuries as they rebuilt, disregarding Itrea for the first period of its existence. 

Later, once the kingdoms had recovered, tensions built up as the Kinship Thrones sought to break away from Whitland. The resolution of this turmoil has yet to be seen. 

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