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Hunter's Legend


Born untalented in a community of magicians, Cady leaves to find her own way…


…and gets tangled up with Hunter, a charming showman who will risk everything to undo the mistakes of his past.


For years, Hunter has surrounded himself in mystery. His story is a great one—people across the kingdom know his name and have heard tales of his power.


But every word of it is false.


Only Cady knows the truth…or at least part of it. When Hunter’s plans go awry, Cady is the only one who cares enough to champion his name—and to seek revenge.


How deep did Hunter’s lies go? Was Cady the one person he trusted, or yet another pawn in his game?


Don’t miss the gripping high fantasy for fans of Robin Hobb and Seraphina.

"This world is one of the best fantasy worlds I have visited through a book. As I read I can picture each location in my mind and each twist in the plot. From the university to the The Queen’s Bed, the words paint a vivid picture of the locations and districts of the city of Baylore." 

"A gripping story that I couldn't stop reading once I started. Hunter's Legend has it all: romance, intrigue, betrayal, and reconciliation. A must read. " 

"This is an unusual story but exquisitely written. The story sucked me in so much that I couldn’t put it down. I loved it and eagerly await more tales set in this world!"

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The Land of Itrea

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