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Lost Magic


A new school. An impossible mission. 

Tristan and Amber have been singled out as the best magicians at the Lair...and now they have to risk everything to stop Ilana. 

For Tristan, leaving the Lair is like going back in time. Once again, he’s an outcast. Nothing will be the same when he returns—if he returns. 

And this time, it’s not just his school that is threatened. 

With Ilana watching their every move, and a virtual army of students taking her orders, Tristan and Amber won’t be able to succeed alone. 

But they are cut off completely from the Lair. 

Who can they trust? 

"This series just keeps getting better! Went into this book thinking all my questions would be answered and then pleasantly suprised when it ended in a cliffhanger with a promise of another book."


"Best book so far in the series. It's even better than The Natural Order and Rogue Magic (and those were pretty awesome already)."


"Really intriguing read! I was devouring it like crazy! The plot was rather interesting with some unexpected twists and surprises and the characters are well-developed."

"Each book in this series is better than the one before. I started this one and didn't put it down until I finished it."

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