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Native Races of Itrea

The two native races of Itrea are known as Drifters and Icelings. 


Drifters are called Allakoash in their own tongue. They are an indigenous race of Itrea that lives in the Wandering Woods. 

The Drifters are a semi-nomadic people that typically live within hollow trunks of their moving trees. 

Drifters have the potential to gain healing powers. However, if they do so, they cut their lives short and turn into a tree long before they should have died. These trees are sentient and can communicate with the Drifters, and they can move about at will, by either shifting their roots or by opening their trunks to create houses or trap people inside. 

Not many Drifters end up living outside the Wandering Woods, and the woods frighten Itreans, so the two cultures do not understand each other very well. However, some Drifters take up positions as healers in Baylore and Larkhaven. There are also a few towns and villages close to the woods that frequently interact with the Drifters. 


Very little is known about the Icelings, because it is said those who venture to the Icebraid Peaks never return. They are often used as characters in fantastical stories. They are also known as Icewraiths, which is a corruption of Ice-Wrights. This name comes from the fact that their mountains are filled with an odd ice-like plant that the Icelings can grow and shape. Their cities are built from this "living ice." 

The Icelings have pale skin and white hair dappled with pale blue. 

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