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Rogue Magic


Just before Tristan returns for his second year at the Lair, he wakes to the smell of smoke. His house is on fire, and he suspects Darla Merridy is involved. 

His professors think otherwise.

Accused once again of arson, Tristan is certain someone is targeting their school. For some reason, groups of mountaineers have suddenly begun leading tours through their valley—in the dead of winter. And Zeke’s home mysteriously disappeared in a mudslide over the summer. 

But no one listens to him. Meanwhile, classes have begun, and this time Tristan and Amber are learning to use the Map Room themselves. Amidst a flurry of arguments and anger, the students are forced to reconcile themselves with the school’s dark purpose. 

Yet something is lurking in the forest nearby, and it won’t stay hidden forever. As the future heads of the school, Tristan and Amber have to make a choice. Should they leave the school vulnerable? Or should they take control of the Map Room and cause a bit of havoc of their own?

"The story telling is original, entertaining and fast paced. Any one who enjoyed Harry Potter should like this series."

"I love this book. It was an excellent follow up to The Natural Order with lots of suspense and a good balance of action, description, character development and inner quandary. What I especially like is the nuanced and conflicting sense of right and good. I'm impatiently waiting for the next book to see how things unfold."

"Oh wow! That was quite a roller coaster ride! The school year starts with a bang followed by betrayal and mortal peril that puts the teachers as well as the students in danger."

"I didn't sleep well while I was reading the book, I couldn't put it down. So beware." 

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