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The Fall of Lostport


A backwater kingdom struggles for independence in this stunning new fantasy for fans of Robin Hobb and Patrick Rothfuss. 

With two of the most powerful forces in the Kinship Thrones poised on the brink of war, the small kingdom of Lostport is in danger of getting dragged into the fight. 

The king of Lostport sees the mounting tensions as a chance to buy his kingdom’s freedom—and undermine the laws that forbid his daughter from inheriting the throne. 

Laina, the king’s daughter, thinks her father is siding with the enemy. 

As war looms closer, and enemy troops flood Lostport under false pretenses, events begin spiraling out of control. And when her father is injured, Laina must risk everything to keep her beloved homeland out of enemy hands. 

How far will Laina go to save Lostport? Or is it already too late? 


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"I grew so fond of this world that I didn't want the book to end. The Fall of Lostport combines evocative settings with driven, relatable characters to form a thoroughly immersive fantasy novel."

"A sweeping adventure that pulls you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat through each page. The world building is phenomenal and the characters are mysterious and compelling in their own rights."

"A beautifully written, epic tale, with rich characters."



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