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The Final Order


The end is near…

After narrowly escaping Ilana’s dangerous school, Tristan is reunited with his friends once again.

But though Ilana is gone, the deadly enchantment she left behind is powerful enough to bring the world to ruin. 

Time is running short as Tristan and his friends fight to contain the destructive magic. 

And this time, there’s nowhere to hide. 

"I loved every minute of it. It was a rip roaring adventure to the very end! The only thing I was upset about? This was the last time I get to be with Tristan and the rest of the gang."

"Great finale! After the last books there were so many loose threads I feared the author had written herself into a corner, but the Final Order pulled everything together perfectly--a very satisfying ending that also hints of hope and a future for our heroes."

"This is the finale, the big bang, the blow out of epic proportions. But really it's just a really good end to a series that most fantasy lovers will love." 

"I am sad to be coming to the end of this four book series. This final book was such a delight. Harry Potter may have found its equal. Although the books are listed as young adult, readers of any age will enjoy them."

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