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The Last Day of Freedom


The Last Day of Freedom is a companion book to The Natural Order. Its events directly precede The Natural Order.

​Tristan Fairholm is an ordinary teenager who would give his own heart to save his brother. 

Suddenly his life is turned upside down when an earthquake hits his sleepy town of Valley City, North Dakota. He panics, and makes a fatal decision that lands him in court.


While stuck in limbo at Juvie, he is cut off from his family, tormented by bullies, and treated like a criminal. Worst of all, no one believes him. 

After all, no one else felt the earthquake. Is he lying? 

Or are darker forces at play? 


"This short, quick-to-read, compelling back story of how Tristan ended up in juvie provides just the perfect complement to the full-version novel."

"This prequel to The Natural Order gives us insight into the character's private life and keeps us intrigued, wondering what the next phase of his journey will entail. Great, quick read and very well written!"

Download The Last Day of Freedom (free ebook)


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