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Download your advance copy of Usurper Queen

Baylore has fallen into enemy hands. And the deadliest army in the world is on its way to Itrea.

Time is running out when Kalleah sets out to reclaim Baylore with an army of her own.

But after a long march back, she arrives to find the city gates closed. No strangers are allowed in, and armed guards patrol the perimeter.

Kalleah’s forces are not strong enough to storm Baylore, but with winter setting in, they can’t camp outside the city forever. She must devise a new plan to sneak her way past the guard.

Yet that plan endangers her own citizens.

As Kalleah pushes her forces toward victory at all costs, she begins to lose the support of her friends. Even the man she loves spurns her.

Kalleah knows her people will suffer at the hands of her enemy, but has she gone too far in the attempt to save Itrea?

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