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Download your advance copy of Warrior Queen

Baylore is under siege, with no help on the way. Queen Kalleah’s time is running out.

Kalleah has seized control of Baylore just in time for the full might of the Whitish army to arrive at the gates. Her own forces are badly outnumbered and untrained.

With attacks whittling away Baylore’s defenses and supplies running low, Kalleah has to look outside the city for help.

But she has no allies to count on.

When pleas for reinforcements are met with silence, Kalleah must turn to the only hope remaining—the strange and deadly magic of the Wandering Woods.

To visit the Wandering Woods could mean death. But Kalleah is willing to risk everything for her people.

Can she gather allies strong enough to protect Baylore? Or will her people be forced to face the world’s greatest army alone?

Don't miss the explosive end to the Forbidden Queen series.

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