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Time is running out. The longer it takes Kalleah to regain power, the more innocent lives will be lost.

Magician Queen, the fifth book in the Forbidden Queen series, is out on September 1st. 

This series is brimming with intrigue, danger, forbidden love, and political machinations, and the stakes get higher and higher as the series progresses. 

Reviews for Book 1: 

"I could not put this down, it's so unique. The world building is fabulous." - Storme 

"Captivating story from start to end. Even with a busy holiday schedule I couldn't resist taking this novel with me. R.J. has written a wonderful strong female role of a future queen with a power forbidden in her world." - Christine 

"The wonderfully created land of Itrea, with its diverse landscapes, regions and individuals [...] proves that Vickers is no rookie when it comes to intelligent world building that captivates the readers." - Skye 

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Explore other titles set in Baylore and the Kinship Thrones

My most recent novels have all been set in the world of Baylore and the Kinship Thrones, a fantasy land spanning two continents and twelve nations. 

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