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Worldbuilding Notes on Itrea and the Kinship Thrones

For any who are interested, I've compiled all of the background information about Itrea and the Kinship Thrones here. This includes history, information about the magic races, details on religions, notes about the landscapes of the various kingdoms, and much more. 

Click on any categories that interest you, or use this page as a reference guide whenever an unfamiliar term crops up in one of my books. 

The world is so large and complex that I've approached it the same way we do our own world. Names of foreign places are mentioned without context in the same way they would be on earth--for instance, I know chocolate is grown in Ghana, but I know nothing else of the country. In the same way, my characters might know that silk is produced in Chelt, though they may have no knowledge of the country itself. 

Over time, I intend to write dozens of novels set in the world of Baylore and the Kinship Thrones. The more of these you read, the more parts of the world and times in history you will get a chance to explore. 

I'll continue adding to this page over time, so check back if you're curious to read more! 


An introduction to the kingdom of Itrea, including history and general characteristics.

Information about the magic races living in Itrea, including Weavers and Extractors. 

The First Fleet, early settlements, the Lost War, and the founding of Baylore. 

Details on the magic races who lived in Itrea before the First Fleet: Drifters and Icelings. 

Background on the capital of Itrea, its layout, and its customs. 

The Kinship Thrones

Where the collection of kingdoms got its name and a background on the overall power structure. 

An introduction to each of the nine kingdoms that make up the Kinship Thrones.

From the migration of the magic races to the First Fleet, and the gradual erosion of Whitland's power. 

Details on Whitish gods of Varos and the Nine, the Seventeen Gods of Sin, and other beliefs elsewhere in the Kinship Thrones. 

Makhori, magic powers in Varrival, remnant old races in Kohlmarsh, and the unique races of Cashabree. 

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